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The Project

Cyrill Ibrahim: World of Piano is the foster child of passion and expertise from an enthusiastic core of professionals.

Cyrill Ibrahim: World of Piano brings a new breed of musical learning experience. The emergence of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (V/AR) makes it possible to bring a piano mentor to everyone who can afford a V/AR headset. The V/AR technological leap has achieved of the old dream which 3D cinema has been chasing since the first Lumière brothers and in many aspects exceeds its expectations, opening unforeseen possibilities.

Cyrill Ibrahim: World of Piano intends to exploit the applications of this technology to music learning. The project mixes both VR Live Action – dubbed “Presence” in the new community emerging around this new filming technique – and 3D engine simulation to allow users to follow a private tutoring by a World class artist, both from a technical and artistic point of view.

Cyrill Ibrahim: World of Piano is altogether a new technology platform, a multi-media series of product and a piano learning interactive software.

We are looking forward to bringing this new kind of experience to all audiences.

If you are interested in getting more information about the project, please drop us a line.

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